Frequently Asked Questions


How much will my project cost?

Designs are estimated on the clients needs and budget. A 2-5 color design costs a little less because of fewer colors or inks needed. A 8-10 full color design will cost more but shows off the companies design in full color especially when adding a vehicle, boat, motorcycle, or anything that relates to the branding of the company.

All artwork can be used for other applications like hats, banners, wraps and more. 


What do I need to get started?

To start, I'll need high res images and a logo to get started. It helps also if you can show me a design style you like from my website or an idea you've seen online that will help me zero in on your vision of what your company best represents. Every design you see on this site has started this way.

We'll have a short conversation on the phone about what color shirts and what kinds of styles you'd like the design printed on. I then start on the artwork and show you close to a final design within 3-5 days. From there, we can make any changes needed before going into production.


How Long will the project take?

Normally the artwork takes 2-4 days to complete. Once we've gone over the design and choices of shirts, hoodies, long sleeve, ladies tops, etc. and made any final changes, we'll write up the order. 

Once a deposit is made on the order, we put everything into the production schedule. The artwork is separated and preped for screens to be made. The goods get checked into our Screen Printing Shop within a few days. Within 10-14 days the completed is ready to be picked up or shipped. Less complicated jobs normally take 7-10 days